Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here, here!!

So, I was cruising through some of the blogs I like to follow, and got to decor8, Holly Becker's blog. Her sign off for the weekend was, " I need to connect with my friends because though I love to be in exciting places like London and Copenhagen there is still nothing sweeter than sitting around a table with those you care for to exchange ideas, share a glass of wine and enjoy some fresh, delicious food!" I couldn't have said it better myself! We had a great weekend connecting with both old and new friends, and I have been finding out that with the hotter weather, our kitchen peninsula, and not our dining table, has been getting the bulk of the action, especially for these casual get-togethers. Tabletops are in every room in the house, and sometimes you have to go in the direction the horse is running, and this weekend, it was the kitchen. The peninsula becomes both bar and buffet and people can either pull up a stool or do the 'stand and lean' on two sides, while we're manning food and beverages from the kitchen side. The cocktail choice this weekend was the Scorpion, which is easy to mix in a large pitcher and then serve over ice in individual glasses (there's no dilution, that way!) It made appearances here Friday with sandwiches, and Saturday with mini quesadillas hot off the iron griddle on the stove, chips, salsa and guacamole, and sliced mangos, and then was brought by us to our friends' tonight as a warm-up for a terrific grilled salmon and the NBA Finals game. It's really good, but it ain't called a Scorpion for nothing... it can have a sting!

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