Sunday, July 10, 2011


It's all true- a shopper's paradise! The Paris Flea Market is really an amalgam of many different markets and groups of dealers. Of all the markets, though, Marche Paul Bert is tops and with that does come top prices, too. Bargains are few and far between, but a treasure hunt is half the fun! I've found a source for beautiful sets of Christofle 19th and early 20th century flatware in their fitted cases- what a find!

Paris is a dog's city! They are welcomed everywhere. I loved watching this companion eagerly following it's owner in and out of the stalls!

The dealers are a tribe unto themselves, and come lunchtime, they sit together for a hot meal. Several of the cafes nearby prepare dishes, like the cassoulet in the clay dish, for the dealers so they don't have to leave their stalls. The ritual of the meal is truly an integral part of the culture! While circling around after lunch, these same dealers were engrossed in a very heated game of bridge at the same table. Working hard and playing hard!

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