Saturday, February 26, 2011

I know, everyone's a critic...

Maybe it's my mood, the alignment of the planets, my grumpy pants being too tight- you name it, but this has had me twitching since I received my issue of HB: Dylan Lauren (of "Dylan's Candy Bar!" fame and the daughter of Ralph) had the spotlight in the mag's 'Tablescape' section, and this is what she chose to do with it:
 Now I realize that Dylan's Candy Bar is a NYC must-stop-shop for kids of all ages, and "candy bars" have become part of the entertaining landscape popping up at bar mitzvahs and weddings everywhere, but I don't get this... Others have raved (I've googled, and clearly I'm in the minority), but this leaves me cold. "Tables just want to have fun!" and "Candy makes you feel like a kid!" are the memorable quotes from Ms. Lauren. But there is no context for this, and all I'm left with is the feeling that I want to brush my teeth... It could have been very clever and colorful, and the candy used in unique, beautiful ways, but I don't think this editorial represents any of this. An opportunity lost... Fingers crossed for next month!

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  1. Could not agree more. I can't focus. It leaves me dizzy.