Sunday, November 14, 2010

In a nautilus shell...

Sometimes an unexpected container can be the perfect thing for flowers! I thought I'd give a peek at one of the shell arrangements from the shoot. I've had these nautilus shells for awhile. They look great empty in a grouping, and now I can say I love them with flowers, too. Now I need to find a welder to create a great base for these... the acrylic ones work, but I think I can do better. After an exhaustive Google search, I came up with nadda, so it looks like I need to find someone local who can create a twisted bronze tripod to support these guys.

You can see the whole in the middle awaiting my creative hydrangea solution... Also peaking out in the photo are these small malachite boxes that I use for salt cellars, which remind me of the late Tony Duquette, especially teamed with with the orchids in the shells. Mr. Duquette was a legendary creative tour de force, especially in and around Hollywood. It was always great to run into people in town that remembered his parties... and boy, did he know how to throw a party!  Jim Thompson  is working with Duquette's design partner Hutton Wilkinson and has issued the Tony Duquette Collection of fabrics, including this malachite fabric below, called Gemstone. Amazing... to quote Mr. Duquette, "More is more!"

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