Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rose 101

While lots of things can constitute a centerpiece for a table, sometimes you do want to have flowers. The teacher in me thought to share the knowledge that I've gained over the years, and on Saturday, I held my first 'Rose 101' class.

Roses are perfect for an arrangement like this because they come 25 stems in a growers bunch, and that's all you need to complete this arrangement. Plus, many florists will sell growers bunches of roses for a lot less than retail because they don't have to do anything to them other than keep them in water and refrigeration in advance of selling them.

Kate, Brenda, and Michelle were gracious enough to do the test drive with me on this inaugural class, and through demonstration and practical application, they learned how to trim, condition (so important), how to handle a florist knife (or not...) and arrange the 25 stems in a clear vase with water. The final picture speaks for itself; success was had by all! A class schedule is coming this week... get your calendars out!

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